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  • Mar 23 2023
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Worldbridge Video Worldbridge Video

Yaima Odonata Official Music Video

“Odonata” is dedicated

to the DragonFly-

Master of Transformation.

They begin their life cycle underwater,

then emerge to land,

then take flight.

A blessing for all that is Transforming.

-Making of the Video-

We were blessed to have the opportunity to work with the keen eyes and masterful videographer- Loren Edward Wheeler. http://lorenedwardwheeler.com/

This collaboration came out of our experience at The Breathwork Retreat with Inner Light Revival when we found the perfect moment of time to record this video in the epic scenery of HEAVEN in BALI Retreat Center.

We have already begun planning this Bali Experience Retreat with Lindsay & Danny Balgooyen of Inner Light Revival to happen again in 2020- we truly hope that more of you who are called to breathwork techniques & healing would be able to join us next year (or again!)

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