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This delivery tech is “the closest thing to teleportation” | Freethink

This delivery tech is “the closest thing to teleportation”
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Getting what people need, where they need it, as quickly, sustainably and equitably as possible will require transforming the way that goods currently move.

That’s why Zipline is using autonomy and robotics to create a new form of delivery system designed to be fast, clean, and equitable — instant logistics to help cover the last mile, no matter where that mile may be.

The small, autonomous electric vehicles, “Zips,” are capable of delivering medical supplies — crucial to providing lifesaving treatment — and the vast majority of orders which move through current ecommerce systems.

“A lot of people look at what Zipline does and assume it’s total science fiction, and it’s a decade away,” says Keller Rinaudo, Zipline co-founder and CEO. But that future is already here, the tangible proof in the millions of products already in people’s hands.

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This video was created in partnership with Zipline.


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