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  • Mar 23 2023
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The Most Potent FLEXIBILITY Routine for your legs (10 min. Follow Along)

Interested in using just 2 stretches to free your lower body tightness? Join along with Josh in this follow along flexibility routine to make some crazy stretching gains.

Looking for the Upper Body Most Potent Stretched? – https://youtu.be/4oapRLK2LaA

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Here’s a quick follow-along that will give you a lot of bang for your buck! (Quality vs. Quantity) Become more flexible and resilient with these movements that will give you mad flexibility gains as long as they’re done right. It’s all about intentional stretching. This is a process – don’t be hard on yourself! Be consistent and you will see results! This follow along stretching routine includes quad stretching and hamstring stretching. Mobility tools that will change your life.

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