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  • Mar 31 2023
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OZORA Festival 2019 (Official Video)

WEB: https://ozorafestival.eu/
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Ozora.Festiv… —– CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO ——

A vivid flashback to the summer of 2019, a year that was special not only for closing the decade, but it happened to be the 20th anniversary of the very first gathering on this land, a celebration of a Total Solar Eclipse in 1999. In the years that have passed ever since, the festival went through a remarkable transformation and reshaped many lives in the process. Enjoy the virtual journey we captured through the complex Ozorian Experience.

Music tracklist in chronological order:

Astrix – Sahara (Future Music Records, 2018)
Dubsahara – The Nature of Unseen Things (Self Released, 2019)
Chancha Via Circuito – Amelia
The Flying Mars – Artificial Landscape (Altar Records, 2016)
Rezonant & Djantrix – Twinight (Sangoma Records, 2017)
Kaya Project – Soul Sanctuary, Bwoy De Bhajan Remix (Self Released on Bandcamp, 2018)
Sueno en Paraguay (El Buho Remix) performed by Chancha Via Circuito, courtesy of Crammed Discs
Zen Baboon – The Ring Master (Baboon Clinic, 2018)
Bixiga 70, Live Concert at Dragon Nest (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Kaya Project – Lele Yane ft Irina MIkhailova (Tribal Shift Records, 2018)
Tentacles of Static, Live Concert at Ambyss (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Ilhaam Project, Live Concert at Ambyss (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Changing Grey, Live Concert at Ambyss (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Thomas Fehlmann, Live Concert at Ambyss (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Siblicity & DatsonHughes – String Theory, Live Concert at Ambyss (TOTIM Records, 2020)
D-Nox & Beckers – Mechanism Stil Von Talent, 2019)
Marcus Henriksson – Carpathians (Self released on Bandcamp, 2019)
Yelé, Live Concert at Dragon Nest (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
1flfsoap, Live Concert at Dragon Nest (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Pedra Branca, Live Concert at Dragon Nest (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Dirtwire, Live Concert at Dragon Nest (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Stereoxide & Animalien – Event Horizon (Blacklite Records, 2019)
Nobot – Bloodborne (Parvati Records, 2017)
Etnica – Triptonite Dub – Pyramis (EtnicaNet, 2014)
GMS & Ajja Feat. Pixel – What Makes a Man (Stereo Society, 2019)
Barabás Lőrinc, Live Concert at Ambyss (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Tosoda Live Concert at Ambyss (recorded by Radiozora, 2019)
Carbon Based Lifeforms – Equilibrium (Blood Music, 2017)
Solar Fields – Mountain King (Droneform Records, 2018)
The Flying Mars – Jamina (Street Ritual, 2017)
Massive Moloko & Zoltan Stadler – Ritual (Phobos Records, 2018)
Koxbox – Sky Candy, Hujaboy Remix (Zero 1 Music, 2016)
Martian Arts – One More Beer And We Go (Zero 1 Music, 2019)
Desert Dwellers – View from Laniakea, Hujaboy Remix (Sourcecode Transmissions, 2016)
Astral Projection & Raja Ram – Dance Is The Answer (TIP World Records, 2019)

Film by Pumpui

Producer: Árpád Zimányi, Attila Nikléczy

Concept: János Szabó & Ká Zoli

Production Manager: Hanna Sulyok, Kristóf Orzói

Festival Promoter: Wegha András

Editor on Set: Laura Songoro, Zsuzsanna Konrád

Camera: Anita Ternyák, Ákos Vértes, Fanni Szilágyi, Ferenc Szalontai, Gábor Hörcher, Gábor Szilágyi, Hunor Nagy, Ingrid Németh, Jan Kwiatkowski, Julian Graham, Júlia Vaszari, Kinga Wieloch, Kristóf Becsey, Ká Zoli, Leo Méhész, Magu Sumita, Matteo Molina, Paweł Wieloch, Péter Nemesházi, Richárd Gödöllei, Sam Angeli, Samal Shrikant, Samuel Traber, Zsolt Szabó

Drone footage: Gergely Magyar, Pawel Piotr Krzepina, Paweł Wieloch, Simon Kőszegi, Thomas Hochleitner

Additional Footage: 6monkeys, 360 footage – Stephan Zirwes

Speakers in chronological order: Back to Mars, Puri, Angéla Thiesz, Shane Mauss, Gabriel Le Mar, Eugenio Nestor, Alan Dearling, Csaba Mata, Pocok, Balázs Kontur, Márton Bodó, Jenil Dholakia, Dr Motte, Mike Stellar, Tracey Weatley, Hajnalka Gazdag, Pierre Vasarely, Subliquida, Jeff Angelo, Ihti Anderson, Marian Goodell, Magda Gouveia, Giuseppe

All of the interviews and voice-overs recorded at the Ozora Festival 2019.

Post Production Supervisor: Attila Nikléczy & Ká Zoli

Editor: János Szabó & Ká Zoli

Colorist: Levente Salma

Sound Mix : Dávid Vajda Bodnár

Post Production, VFX: János Szabó & Ká Zoli

Motion Graphic Designer: Bence Farkasinszki

Main stage out of gravity scene by Samuel Traber

Music selection: Dj Tsubi & Ká Zoli

Translator: Balázs Szász, Teo Nikléczy, Anna Herber

Special thanks to everyone who participated in any way creating OZORA 2019

Special thanks for the love and support Dóri, Brigi!

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