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  • Mar 31 2023
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KILABO – The Etana Chronicles (Mixed by Samaya) [Tribal Trip-Hop / Global Bass]

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Presenting the ‘Etana Chronicles’ mix, crafted from the discography of Kilabo. The artist’s sound includes elements from pan-electronic sub-genres and their blend with Asian, African and Balkan influences to create a tribal trip-hop and #globalbass sound. The Kilabo project includes many creative facets from the artist, including sound recordings in multiple Asian countries in travels, collaborations with local musicians, and also filming of drone videos of nature to accompany this mix project.

New Kilabo EP, “Interweaving Lands”, dropping February 1st. Check that out and stream/download the complete Etana albums on his Bandcamp link below:

00:00:00 KILABO – Rudraksha
00:03:48 KILABO – Symposium
00:08:33 KILABO – Virachey Spirits
00:12:03 KILABO – Interweaving lands
00:16:39 KILABO – Kepler Springs
00:20:40 KILABO – Chromatic Spill
00:25:44 KILABO – Sekhmet
00:30:01 KILABO – Baglama
00:33:40 KILABO – Jabbama
00:37:39 KILABO – Bophana
00:42:00 KILABO – Makalu
00:45:15 KILABO – East is a Blue Bird
00:49:17 KILABO – Draconian Twist
00:53:00 KILABO – Iaramat
00:58:52 KILABO – Bamboozle (feat. PervHz)
01:02:39 KILABO – The Wilderness
01:06:45 KILABO – Trunfamantra (feat. NIck Nova)
01:09:09 KILABO – Black Lisu

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