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Intentional Communities — 50% Less Hippie Than You’d Expect | Bianca Heyming | TEDxCardiffbytheSea

Founder and resident of an Intentional Community, Bianca Heyming shares how living with many people is not simply “Bliss, Love, and Light,” but in addition a commitment to personal development, vulnerability, and hard work.

Whether designing ecologically inspired environments or navigating the terrain of government policy, Bianca Heyming joins Emersus with one mission- inspiring collaboration through community empowerment. She received her Advanced Permaculture Teaching Training Certificate through Midwest Permaculture, and has a featured speaker at events including: Bioneers (Los Angeles), Permaculture Convergence (Malibu), TEDX (Riverside), Evolver (Los Angeles), and The Environmental Leadership Academy (Riverside). In addition she is a published author of “Guide to Starting a Community Garden.”

She currently resides on a 9-acre intentional community, The Emerald Village, which she cofounded in 2010. There she enjoys managing the food forest, aquaponics systems, honey bees, and four loving goats and too many chickens. Her number one passion in life is spending quality time with her community mates and her loving husband and son.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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