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Inside A Beautiful Secret Garden Landed Home Retreat By A Father-Son Architect Duo

This week, we visit a lush landed home located in the east, which has been a family home for 30 years. The home originally had just 2 bedrooms, living, dining and a utility room. The father and son duo, Marcus and Mohan, are both architects and gradually renovated the home to fit the family’s needs over time which includes a new family area as well as a study room.

Over these 30 years, the home has been filled with art, ceramic works and collectibles made or collected by the family, creating a very personal space. The family also chose to build around a large tree that was on the property instead of removing it, which ultimately became the relaxing corner in their entertainment room. Due to the west-facing of the home, the family also cleverly took advantage of the foliage by using weights to grow it sideways. These bent trees and plants then then acted as a natural barrier from the sun, and creates a nice effect of the light flowing into the home.

We really like the overall open and natural feel to the space, almost as if the home was in nature. It’s a huge contrast to the today’s modern, yet arguably cold feel that many landed homes go for. It’s a breath of fresh air to come home to such a lush home, especially in an urban setting like Singapore. We’re also absolutely riveted to see how much of the family’s warmth can be felt in the home.

Special thanks to Mohan and Marcus, homeowners and architect of Sandal Studios (…)

Credit to Sayher Heffernan for the fantastic shot of our thumbnail.

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