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  • Mar 31 2023
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Greening The Festival :: Spotlight on Modelling Sustainability | The Bloom Series

The Bloom Series Culture Spotlight presents:
Greening The Festival :: Spotlight on Modelling Sustainability

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The Bloom, a ground-breaking new documentary webseries, illuminates the blossoming phenomenon of Transformational Festivals.

Over the course of 4 episodes, The Bloom explores a dozen ingredients that create the alchemy of the Transformational Festival. Each episode illuminates three themes, explored through the potent moments, stories and interviews captured at 23 Transformational Festivals around the globe.


Edited by
Drew Martinez

Directed and Produced by
Jeet-Kei Leung

Co-Directed and Co-Produced by
Akira Chan

Videography by
Ryan Mitchell
Zipporah Lomax
Akira Chan
Zac Cirivello
David Schnack
Aaron Dorr
Boom Festival footage courtesy of
Boom Festival and Droid Id (Portugal).

Featured Festivals
Luminate (New Zealand)
Lucidity (California)
Envision (Costa Rica)
Boom (Portugal)

Featured Interviews
Jules (Luminate)
Stephen Brooks (Envision)
Fez (Lucidity)
Diogo (Boom)
Costa (Envision)
Chef Gage (Lucidity)
Sudsbusters (Lucidity)
Luminate elder

Soundtrack Music by
ill.Gates feat Youngsta

Associate Producers
Julian Reyes
Syd Woodward

Production Manager
Robin Tala

Outreach & Promotions
Zac Cirivello

Fundraising & Sponsor Relations
Carrie Koester

Marketing & Branding
Dario Fidanza

Sound Design
Drew Martinez

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