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  • Mar 23 2023
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‘Dear Alice’ Decommodified Edition | Solarpunk anime ambience with no ads

The solarpunk-inspired ‘Dear Alice’ commercial produced by the animation company The Line for Chobani is one of the most beautiful depictions of an ecological future I had seen, except for one glaring thing: it was an advertisement for a dairy company, and my solarpunk vision doesn’t have either of those things. Neither is compatible with the ‘degrowth’ economic model outlined by people like Jason Hickel, not with the ethic of an ecological society described by social ecologists like Murray Bookchin.

In light of that fatal flaw I decided to paint out all of the branding and recreated the sound design so that solarpunks like myself can enjoy this beautiful world without having to invite the ugliness of capitalism into it. Enjoy!

#solarpunk #dearalice

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