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  • Mar 23 2023
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Cosmic Convergence 2020 After Movie | Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

What a way to kick off 2020. Here’s a look at what went down during my New Year’s Day set at Cosmic Convergence Festival.

Grateful for the people in my life, my San Marcos La Laguna family, all the familiar faces dancing and smiling in the crowd, and all of those who continue to support my journey from afar. Sincerely, thank you.

Set recording coming soon.
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Video by Tony Tobias at Cosmic Convergence Festival in Santiago, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Music used with artist permission: Eleat ft. Bahramji – Flying Carpet (Troja Edit) [Lump Records]

Listen, support and grab a free download of the track used in the video here: https://soundcloud.com/lump-rec/eleat…

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