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40 Alternatives to College by James Altucher πŸ“– Book Summary

Is college worth it? In this summary of 40 Alternatives to College by James Altucher, you’ll learn alternate pathways to university that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get ahead in your career.

β˜…β˜…β˜… 40 ALTERNATIVES TO COLLEGE β˜…β˜…β˜…

1. Start a business
2. Travel the world
3. Create art
4. Make people laugh
5. Write a book
6. Work in charity
7. Master a game
8. Master a sport
9. Explore how you can become a doctor without a degree
10. Work for free as a paralegal for a year
11. Do anything you want to for one year
12. Go to
13. Do the daily practice for a year
14. Take a job
15. Write a script for a movie
16. Direct a documentary on something you are interested in
17. Audition in broadway for a whole year
18. Volunteer gardening around your neighbourhood
19. Become a real estate agent
20. Take up yoga
21. Go to 4 vipassana meditation retreats within one year
22. Study whatever it is you are interested in
23. Become a connector
24. Become a party planner
25. Learn and master a foreign language
26. Solve what’s bugging you
27. Become a personality
28. Write and pitch your own TV show
29. Go to motivational seminars
30. Play!
31. Become a model of whatever your size is
32. Go to San Francisco and mingle with silicon valley
33. Visit all the architectural historic sites of Europe
34. Backpack el camino
35. Hike the appalachian trail
36. Make your own list of alternatives
37. Virtual mentors
38. Run for office
39. Raise funds for a cause you feel strongly about
40. Watch a movie a day for a year

I feel like many of these were just slapped down and written but overall the message is develop skills, try new experiences, and follow your curiosity! Trust the process.

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